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Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth’s newest EP is a needed refresher within the world of rock/alternative music where everything today sounds over-synthed and well too polished. The days of garage band heroes have become niche within the splintered alternative world, leaving fewer and fewer bands to reach the ears of the general populous. Potty Mouth strips down the synths and the soft guitars and brings us back to the heyday of grungy-alt music by presenting our ears with some kick-ass tunes.

Every song on this 5-track album grooves. From the instruments to the vocals, nothing feels out of place. While their first full-length album Hell Bent also rocks, and it resonates on that punk lo-fi sound of the late ‘80s, this newest EP turns up the recording quality to a new level and puts Potty Mouth up there with the best of female-led alt-rock groups like The Breeders, Veruca Salt, and L7. This makes me excited to see them live. I’m also in high anticipation for the drop of a full-length album expanding on their talents and on the artistry Potty Mouth’s got going on.

I can’t remember for the life of me how I came across this EP, but I am glad I did. “Creeper Weed” hooked me, the rest of the album made me itching for more.

I’ve got CDs piled high of great rock music from the 90s, and some of the memories I think of when listening to these albums bring back good feelings of times with friends. I cannot wait to add Potty Mouth to the mix and share these tunes with my good friends to create new memories.

Here’s to Potty Mouth. Keep rocking.


MAAF Box listening pleasure: Creeper Weed, Long Haul, Cherry Picking

Rating: *****

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