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MW Walker - Half Awake

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

MW Walker shakes me to my bones with the way he writes his lyrics. I’ve had his album Half Awake in my possession for some time now, and I’ve listened to it several times. And every time I do, I find something new about it musically. You can feel the intensity in his words as he crafts each song meticulously from an emotional discourse filled with passion, grief, loss, and joy.

“Half Awake”, the first track on the album, should be a hit single. It’s my favorite on the album, and I’ve listened to it more times than I can count. He’s got a bluesy folk rock feel to most of the songs, which gives them a gritty yet polished feel to their composure. “Mud” is the perfect example of a hard hitting melody layered upon a jagged dissonance. It works. Perfect Americana music for any day of the week.

“Sunflower” creates an ending to an album you don’t want to end, and I think that’s the point.

That’s the best feeling I’ve ever known

I can dig deep and relate to the ending of something wonderful, in which we want more, but that’s it, bud. There’s nothing left. The day is done. The sun has set. The album is over.

I’ve listened to a shit ton of music, and I can honestly say, this album is on my top 10. Really. Independent artists like Walker have shaped the way I listen to albums. This music lives within the details; not the other way round. For that, I am thankful. Walker possesses a musicianship that rivals the big boy radio indie bands. And I hope he succeeds in his future career. Give Half Awake a chance, and I promise you it’ll be the best music decision you’ve made.


LISTENING PLEASURE: Half Awake, Mud, It’s Love, Oh, Lord, Sunflower

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